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Through the Looking Glass: A Participating Artist’s Perspective

Palindrome Theatre, the company for which I am the Director of Development, was invited to perform a short scene from our most recent production, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, at The Creative Fund’s inaugural fundraiser last month…and what a fantastically bizarre and memorable night it was!

Now, I was aware beforehand that the theme of the fundraiser was “Through the Looking Glass” and that there would be some pretty crazy stations set up, where attendees could paint roses red and play croquet with flamingo mallets. But nothing prepared me for how literally the good people at The Creative Fund would take the Alice in Wonderland idea or how spectacularly fitting the theme would be for the random performances that occurred throughout the evening.

Not only was there great music, delicious food, tasty (and creative!) drinks, but thanks to the performers on hand, guests were also treated to some awesome tap dancing, a mingling swan puppet, a yeti and a group of weirdos in clown noses (myself being one of said weirdos). The Creative Fund’s idea to include some of its Q Rental Subsidy awardees as entertainment heightened the atmosphere and offered a unique level of exposure for some of Austin’s most innovative artists.

Palindrome was the last group to perform, and we were surprised at how many attendees moseyed over to the smoke-filled fountain to watch our scene. The whole evening was a seamless integration of twists on familiar ideas, which is how Palindrome and the other companies in attendance approach what we do. I’m sure I speak for all the invited artists when I say that we appreciated the opportunity to display our talents in such an awesome venue and represent the kind of art that The Creative Fund strives to foster in our community.

I had an absolute blast that night, and I cannot wait to see what our friends at The Creative Fund come up with next!

– Jarrett King, Director of Development for Palindrome Theatre

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