Nursery Crimes Delivers on Crime Noir

On a brisk evening in late November Chinatown (the 1974 classic film with Jack Nicholson) met childhood bedtime stories.  Come on, what a fantastic idea:  a crime noir reimagining of the classic nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep, brought to life by Austin’s own Last Act Theatre Company.  It just stands as even more proof of the growing creative talent we have here in Austin.

Many of you may be thinking “What exactly would such a performance look like?”  Well it was the classic nursery rhyme that many of us heard from our parent or teachers but with the aesthetics that define crime noir:

  • Emphasis on cynical attitudes                 ✔
  • Sexual motivations driving the plot         ✔
  • Jack Nicholson                                       X
  • Gloomy lighting                                     ✔

We started with dinner at 6 in a rather festive El Alma and headed over to the show around 7:45.  One of our attendees was even sporting some great TCF inspired accoutrements:


During the intermission we got a chance to mingle and walk through the art on display at the Dougherty Arts Center.  The final act of the play saw plenty more twists and double-crossing, but I’m not going to spoil the ending here.

All-in-all it was another fantastic night and I’m so proud that TCF had the ability to bring another unique, inspired performance to the stage in wonderful Austin, TX.

Hope to see y’all at the next show!