It’s all happening…

Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of working (hand in hand) with some of this town’s most enthusiastic arts activists in an effort to launch a new program that will change the Austin arts community for years to come. That work has resulted in the newly launched Creative Fund!

In the simplest terms, the Creative Fund provides funding to Austin artists to further enable their creative endeavors. Soon you’ll hear about our board’s recently launched Q Rental Subsidy Grant as well as our audience support program A Creative Experience. With both of those programs already in place, we are ready for your support and participation!

Will you join us to make a difference in the life of an emerging artist or a budding organization?  

Will you join us to make sure your dollars are enhancing the vast, diverse and ever-changing cultural community, right here in Austin?  

Will you join the Creative Fund? Our rapidly growing membership is hard at work building a calendar of events that you’ll definitely want to attend!

It’s going to be a lot of fun over the next few months and of course for years to come and we could really use your help. Join us for A Creative Experience on November 2nd. Come learn about our  Q Rental Subsidy Grant on November 8th. Join our membership and add your voice to the conversation to better our creative community!

-Scott Lawrence


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