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Q Rental Subsidy Grant Awarded Production

Q Rental Subsidy Grant: An Awarded Artist’s Perspective

“We have never, save for the exception of our latest project, received outside funding; each project we at PAI have done has been on the back of the last one and, in our first 2 years, this has been a totally doable sort of thing. However, as we grow as an organization and begin to take more risks (including adding ancillary programs) and improve our infrastructure, outside funding is becoming more and more a necessity. The fiery hoops one has to leap through for city money are getting smaller and there are fewer reasons (individual dollars) to bother with the process as a company which has never been granted before. For our 3 person operation, the opportunity to receive aid in such a hassle-free process was a fantastic boon. The less time we have to spend trudging through the convoluted and becoming-outmoded process of applying for city grants, the more we have to make our work.

We appreciate the major strides the folk at CF have made towards making philanthropy an exciting, accessible action for the younger crowd. To have such passionate and variously talented altruists in our corner is an incredible gift.”
Bastion Carboni, Artistic Director of the Poison Apple Initiative (awarded a Q Rental Subsidy Grant for their production of Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom)

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