May 2013 Q Award Winners

Trouble Puppet Theatre, “Cruel Circus”

April 29-May 25

Salvage Van Guard


Mr and Mrs Danger Productions, “Blood, Sweat, and Cheers”

May 30-June 9

Salvage Van Guard


Breaking String Theatre, “Three, or the Sound of the Great Existential Nothingness”

July 26-Aug 16

The Off Center


Penfold Theatre, “Red”

Sept 12-29

Trinity Street Theatre


Ariel Dance Theatre, “HEART”

Sept 20-28

Rollins Theatre


The Baron’s Men, “The Spanish Tragedie”

Oct 17-Nov 9

The Curtain Theater


Poison Apple Initiative, “Holier Than Thou”

June 20-July 6

The Off Center


Tutto Theatre, “Zeus in Therapy”

Aug 12-25

Rollins Theatre


Out of Bounds, “Out of Bounds Comedy Festival”

Aug 29-Sept 2

Stateside at Paramount

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