Award Winners

Q Award Winners

“Q” is a catchy name inspired by performers taking their cue and reminding Austinites it’s their cue to support local arts. The purpose of the Q Rental Subsidy Grant Program is to put money back into the Austin performing arts community. Here is a list of performing arts groups who have won our Q Rental Subsidy grant. For more information on Q, or to apply go to our Apply for Funding page.

MAY 2015

  1. 7 Towers Theatre Company – Closer
  2. Jennifer Sherburn – Strategy and Horse Hair
  3. Lannaya Drum & Dance – Dance Africa Fest 2015
  4. Last Act Theatre Company – Stalking John Barrowman
  5. Montopolis Productions- 3 Bad Men
  6. Paper Chairs – Mast
  7. Performa/Dance – Momentum
  8. Robi Polgar – The Tree Play
  9. Hidden Room Theatre – The History of King Lear



  1. Sky Candy – Swings Asunder
  2. Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company – Austin Dance Festival
  3. Ihor Gowda – Poison
  4. No Idea Festival – No Idea Festival 2015
  5. Trouble Puppet Theater Company – The Siege of Heaven: Conspiracy
  6. Austin Street Corner Arts Collective – The Great God Pan
  7. Glass Half Full Theatre – Simple Sundries
  8. Fast Forward Austin – 2015 Fast Forward Austin Festival



  1. Whirligig Productions – Deus Ex Machina
  2. Fusebox Festival – 2015 Fusebox Festival at Ground Floor Theatre
  3. Theatre en Bloc – Jacob’s Ladder
  4. Blue Lapis Light – Aerial Student Showcase
  5. Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre – The Bowie Project 2: A Rock & Roll Soundpainting
  6. Trouble Puppet Theater Co – The Strange Case of Edward Hyde and Dr. Jekyll
  7. A’lante Flamenco Ensemble – Prophecies


JULY 2014

  1. Lucky Chaos – L.A.W Lewd Asian Women: A tale weaving Chinese mythology and contemporary Austin inspired by the 1875 U.S. Supreme Court case Chy Lung v. Freeman, 92 U.S. 275
  2. Glass Half Full – Once There Were Six Seasons
  3. Church of the Friendly Ghost – New Media Art and Sound Summit 2014
  4. Physical Planet – Everything is Established
  5. The Baron’s Men – Lysistrata
  6. 7 Towers – Alls Well That Ends Well


APRIL 2014

  1. Hidden Room – der Bestrafte Brudermord or Hamlet Prince of Denmark
  2. Trouble Puppet – The Crapstall Street Boys
  3. Ariel Dance – The Bowie Project, a Rock Concert Soundpainting
  4. Blue Lapis Light – Ariel Student Showcase
  5. Fusebox – Fusebox Festival



  1. Trouble Puppet Theater The Head
  2. Forklift Danceworks PowerUp
  3. Line Upon LineAustin Percussion Series
  4. Blue Lapis Light Youth Taking Flight
  5. Last ActNursery Crimes
  6. GNAPP! – The Cherry Bowl
  7. Theatre en Bloc Fat Pig
  8. Shrewd Productions Glassheart


MAY 2013

  1. Trouble Puppet Theater – Cruel Circus
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Danger Productions Blood, Sweat, and Cheers
  3. Breaking String Theatre – Three, or the Sound of the Great Existential Nothingness
  4. Penfold Theatre – Red
  5. Ariel Dance Theatre – HEART
  6. The Baron’s Men – The Spanish Tragedie
  7. Poison Apple Initiative Holier Than Thou
  8. Tutto Theatre Zeus in Therapy
  9. Out of Bounds Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

December 2012

  1. Physical Plant TheaterADAM SULTAN
  2. Jennifer Sherburn – Rhododendron Descend
  3. Glass Half Full Theatre – Once There were Six Seasons
  4. The Hidden Room Theatre – Invisible Inc.
  5. No Idea Festival – 10th Annual No Idea Festival 2013
  6. Fusebox Festival – Fusebox Festival

August 2012

  1. Breaking String Theater – Vodka, Fucking and Television
  2. Chaddick Dance – The Landscape of the Emotional
  3. Trouble Puppet Theater – Macbeth: A Trouble Puppet Show
  4. Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co. – An (Extra) Ordinary Life
  5. Penfold Theatre – A Minister’s Wife
  6. Theatre en Bloc – Just Outside Redemption
  7. Ariel Dance – The Geometry of Proximity
  8. Church of the Friendly Ghost – Ten-Eleven-Twelve
  9. Austin Chamber Music – Happy Birthday Mr. Cage

April 2012

  1. Forklift Dance – A Solo Symphony – A Dance for Conductor Peter Bay
  2. Fusebox – An Evening with William Shatner Asterisk
  3. Generic Ensemble Company – The Experiment
  4. Glass Half Full – FupDuck
  5. The Hidden Room Theatre – Rose Rage
  6. Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co. – Scenes Flamboyant (and intimate)
  7. Palindrome – Accidental Death of an Anarchist
  8. Poison Apple Initiative – Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom
  9. Tapestry Dance Company – 12th Annual Soul to Sole Festival Concerts
  10. Teatro Vivo – Austin’s Latino Experience
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